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Blow Struck to Intelligent Design

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From WaPo:

A federal judge in Pennsylvania today struck down a school board’s policy on including “intelligent design” in high school biology classes as an alternative to evolution, ruling that the requirement illegally promoted religion in public schools.

In his 139-page ruling, Jones wrote that intelligent design was essentially biblical creationism. He also harshly denounced the Dover Area School Board for its decision to promote intelligent design and said board members repeatedly lied in court about their motives.

Sounds about right. But of course he was accused of being an “activist judge”.

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Cool New Blogging Tool

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via BFD and Micro Persuasion, a new extension for Firefox is a very handy way to blog as you browse without having to be in your admin screen.  In fact, I’m using it now.  I have been using Avant Browser for IE due mainly to some work stuff not being compatible with Firefox.  I might have to begin using Firefox exclusively for blogging though.  Thanks for the tip George!

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ODP Audio

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Buckeye Senate has some interesting audio clips up of the ODP meeting. I was able to get them all to amplify and export as MP3 (they are in .mov format and the level a bit low) – all but the last one, not sure about that one. I think I have it in the right order. Russell also replies to the Brown Camp rebuttal.

(24 min 54 sec)

MP3 File

via email from Phil de Vellis:

Anyone who has met Sherrod knows that he deals with confrontation
well. As a congressman and a candidate for the U.S. Senate, people confront him with questions, accusations and complaints every day. Even when he strongly disagrees with somoene, he remains respectful and would never blow up at a blogger or anyone else in that type of situation.

I went to the ODP Christmas party last night with several of my colleagues from the campaign. What we saw did not mesh with the story as described on Buckeye Politics and Buckeye […]

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One Step Forward, Two Back for Brown

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Update: I’m hearing there may be more to this story, but until I hear it officially won’t comment on the Brown side of things. Meanwhile, Russell has his take.

OK, I promise not to use the cold sore thing again – I’ve officially worn that one out. No mention of Blogger Balm either. You might remember I recently applauded Sherrod’s effort to get engaged in the blogosphere. The Huffington post piece was cool and all, but what I really want to see – and what I deem crucial for him – is to engage Ohio bloggers in a […]

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