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A question was asked over at BFD and I have the time (just began my vacation!) and the inclination to answer it…more fully than in my driveby comment. Question is: “Oh Critics of the war in Iraq, where are you now?”

Right here, Jonathan. All over the place. Just because there is a purple finger syndrome doesn’t mean we’re all Joe Lieberman now. You can count me as a critic of the war who did not evaporate after a seemingly successful Iraqi election. The first criticism I have is that we should not have invaded in the first place. I won’t rehash the plethora of evidence, but it has been handily proven that the original justifications for invading were not valid.

I really don’t remember the POTUS standing up and saying, “We need to invade Iraq because their people deserve democracy and we also need a base of operation in this critical area of the world. ” I’m sure that speech would not have gone over quite as well as the fear mongering mushroom cloud ones we all heard pre-invasion.

I bet you and others are very glad when there is a shift of focus on how we got there. That argument does not suit you quite as well as a focus on purple fingers. I could not be more direct or vitrolic than Russo when he says: “take your purple finger and shove it up your you know what.”

Do I hope for a better Iraq? You bet I do. I just realize our continued occupation and “enduring bases” in the country will not help. Don’t kid yourself that Iraqis don’t want us out – they want us and the terrorists we brought both out!

Understand the bait and switch game that has been played. The worry is (at least for me) that an administration can (and did) have ulterior motives, sell us a line of bull to get us behind going to war, and then conveniently switch the discussion to some universally accepted concept like “freedom” or “democracy”. It is wool being pulled firmly over our eyes.

So that’s where I’m at Jonathan. Thanks for asking.

Update: This nugget from among the comments in the BFD thread:

(from Niko) Yet the biggest crime in this war, in any war is not the devastation we all see! It is the fact that it perpetuates the false notion that such ends justify the means and in doing so the dark forces that create such means strip humanity from true hope in resolving its problems through peaceful cooperation.

…uh, damn. Very well put.

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