Tim has a piece up over at Buckeye Politics on a Roll Call article about the Ohio Senate Democratic Primary. The whole article is in the comments (not sure if I’m down with that). A few nuggets:

While he indicated his preference is to stay out of the primary – leaving it up to Ohio Democrats to decide – Carville said he looked forward to campaigning for Hackett in next year?s general election against Sen. Mike DeWine (R).

Sounds like backing to me. Sure he is officially neutral, but to say he looks forward to campaigning in the general without using the word if…

The next interesting tidbit comes from Steve Elmendorf:

Elmendorf said that Brown had too much else to focus on to begin engaging Hackett now.

?Sherrod has to raise a lot of money and show that he can put together the best campaign to beat Mike DeWine and that?s what he?s doing.? Elmendorf said. ?They?re not really sitting around worrying about Paul Hackett.?

That sure seems like a boneheaded thing for one of Roll Call’s Top 50 to say. I’m thinking his point coulda been made by leaving off the last shot…

This race has been and will continue to be interesting to watch. It is totally impossible for us to come out of this with a bad candidate. I’m just hopeful we come out of it with one that will win.


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Update: Listening to the Hackett audio, it just struck me: Is the world NOT a better place when a blogger from Faggoty Ass Faggot can ask a Senate candidate a question? I love new media!

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