I didn’t make it on the call until it was almost over due to getting back late from an appointment. I caught the last 7 minutes of a call that lasted 22 minutes. When I got on, Suzi was discussing home schooling and explaining their reasoning was not religious but based on the feeling that they would be able to do a good job of schooling their kids.

She was then asked about blogs, which she did not know existed until Paul ran for Congress. She stated she doesn’t have much time to get on and read, much less maintain a blog. She also got on and saw some nasty stuff and basically never came back to reading blogs. The questioner restated that he was asking about blogs relative to military wives and not political ones. Suzi answered that she wished she had known about them and could have benefitted from them when Paul was away. She did alot of writing due to not knowing what to do with her time.

She was then reminded by someone and then spoke about videocams that she was able to do with Paul when he was in Ramadhi. Fallujah computers were much worse, so they were unable to even email.

A questioner then asked about vouchers and the person running the call (I missed introductions – possibly Karl Frisch, who sent the conference access email) would not let her answer the question due to it being a policy question. The question did not sound like a “policy trap” type question, which the inviation email warned against. Given the home schooling questions, it seemed like a logical extension. Paul answered it in the negative over at Meet The Bloggers.

The call ended with an invitation to view this web page on Hackett for Ohio. It includes the following video:

The call could have been more compelling, but it was certainly nice to see Suzi take some time out of her day to spend it with bloggers. She might not read them, but at least she didn’t call them cold sores. Sorry for no audio either, next time I’ll do better! I didn’t get on in time to have it set up or ask for permission.

Update: Liberal Common Sense has more, as does Victory 06, and Buckeye Senate Blog.