I have two burning questions: 1. Why can’t Republicans write good music? And 2. Why is Bushco propoganda so damned funny? I like to think I have a pretty good sense of comedy, but I could never make shit up this good. Remember the horrid Bush was right song? (If not, it’s well worth checking out) Well, they’ve done it again. This time to the tune of the purple finger:

[Just hit the play button again to pause…you’re gonna want to!]

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LMAO! Brought to you by Purple Finger for Freedom. The webaganda site is complete with lesson plan (complete with inaccurate comparison to the birth or our nation), photos of idiots who have actually painted their finger purple, and fine retail establishments where you can buy purple ink pads.

You are even encouraged to print out a flyer (pdf warning) and pass it out at work or church. Praise the lord and pass the purple pad…

I missed the part in the lesson plan where they talk about the bait and switch game played on the American people. We did not go to war with Iraq in order to install a democratic government. Anyone remember? The justification was that there was a direct link between the people who attacked us on 9/11 and Iraq (now known to be a lie). We were told we were going to war because if we did not get rid of Saddam we would see mushroom clouds over Manhattan (we found no nuclear weapons or any other significant stores of WMD…nor anything else that could threaten us).

We’re all gonna die = bait. Democracy = switch.

So raise your purple fingers lemmings! I got one of my own I’ll raise in your honor as well. How about coming to Ohio and supporting the voting rights of your own damned citizens – now there’s an idea! Or maybe you could put down your purple pads and volunteer for our armed forces in order to begin the next non-Democratic state invasion. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

(this was all linked off the Ohio GOP site – oh the irony in that given the House Bill 3 shit going down)

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