or at least what they’re searching for: Integrity. So says HfA and a new look into the most searched for words online. Topping the list is Integrity. Followed by:

  • Refugee: not just an offshore phenomenon
  • Contempt: is what we feel for our elected leaders
  • Filibuster: we’ll do it if we have to
  • Insipid: is how we feel after listening to Scott Mclellan
  • Tsunami: wtf was THAT?
  • Pandemic: from birds? for real?
  • Conclave: what’s the white smoke for again?
  • Levee: didn’t led zeppelin warn us?
  • Inept: which one?

I have an idea. How about the ODP run Integrity like a Steeler ground attack? Pound that message home like there’s no tomorrow. People in the state already know about the Culture of Corruption and who the Bad Apples are. But they are actively searching for someone to help them find I-N-T-E-G-R-I-T-Y!

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