Today is the day to take action regarding House Bill 3, which I blogged about earlier.

Delaware folks please call AND email Senator Harris’ office and ask him not to support this Bill:

Senator Bill Harris (Senate President)
Telephone: 614-466-8086

Others, please find your senator here and do the same.

So, just how bad is this bill? Well, the League has already nixed it…but you decide:

  • HB3 will require every Ohioan to show a form of identification before being entitled to vote a regular election ballot.. This requirement will disenfranchise thousands of voters and will weigh most heavily on students, the elderly, people in poverty and recently moved families. Many will be forced to vote a provisional ballot that is not certain to be counted.
  • HB3 will make it impossibly difficult for voting advocacy organizations to register new voters by making the process extremely slow and expensive and punishing workers who make a mistake with the threat of a felony penalty. Those registering voters state-wide would be required to register with every Board of Elections in the state, take a test from every board, and return any registration to the board of the newly registered voter. This makes registration drives at gatherings like the Ohio State Fair and similar events impossible.
  • HB 3 will remove a process to audit the electronic voting machines which are prone to errors and susceptible to hacking as recognized by the recent GAO report (Adobe Acrobat file)
  • HB 3 effectively cancels our right to challenge election results

There is also a petition urging Taft to veto the bill.

You can also attend the Senate session at the Ohio Statehouse Tuesday, December 13, to sit in the gallery while the full Senate considers the passage of HB 3, at 1:30 PM.

Update: Pho has an excellent post that is well worth reading. If for nothing else this:

But if the left wants to start winning in Ohio, we need to put together real grassroots networks anyway; the sort of networks that can engage vulnerable populations with voter education and protection efforts, and register voters and circulate petitions with volunteers. If viewed as a challenge instead of a death knell, H.B. 3 could end up as a boon to the left.

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