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The lady just won’t leave well enough alone. She’s already so marginalized that even those in her own party treat her like the third rail. Yet like the Energizer Bunny, her parroting ass just keeps on comin’! She’s sent out a newsletter to wingnut supporters I suppose that again tries to act like she has a fucking clue about soldiers, soldiering, armed conflict, foreign relations, or war. She has none. Maybe she has read a good book on armed conflict or watched a documentary or two on the History Channel. I bet she’s a real big fan of Mail Call!

You can read the whole newsletter at Project Logic, but I’ll pick it apart below piece by piece – not because I think it matters, but because I have an hour to kill and this sounds like fun.

Like many of you, my support for our troops in Iraq is strong and unwavering. I believe we are on the brink of the creation of a democratic state where a brutal dictator once ruled a nation built on fear. On December 15, the Iraqi people will once again head to the polls to determine their future. This time they will be voting to elect a new government under the Constitution they approved in an October referendum. With this vote, we are one step closer to a free and more secure and Iraq.

What’s underlying the first sentence? “Only we true Bush supporters and right wingers support our troops – those others are traitors and troop haters”. I really hope troops don’t buy into this shit. Are wingnuts that dumb that they can’t distinguish between supporting individual troops and disagreeing with a war or foreign policy? Hey, I know! Maybe Jean could ask Major Hackett and find out? Nah. He’s just a staff puke…

Can I also remind our discriminating public that creating a democratic and free Iraq WAS NOT WHAT WE WERE SOLD!!! Do you fucking get it now? Understand the extent to which the wool was pulled over your eyes? The justification for this war was that Saddam and Al Queda were working closely together and in the name of our almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ if you did NOT vote for Bush there would soon be mushroom clouds hanging over Manhattan. You fucking dimwits!

Many Americans will be showing their solidarity with freedom loving Iraqis by inking their fingers on December 15.

Yeah, this should go along nicely with your “Support The Troops” and “God Bless America” car magnets. Maybe we need blue finger car magnets and T-shirts as well? Somehow I amost know this is in the planning stages.

Some people think our work in Iraq is taking too long. But we have to remember that the quest for freedom takes time. Consider our own American history: it took years to move from independence to the Constitution. In 1776, we got our independence but it was 1788 before we had our first election under the Constitution.

This makes me think that Jean may have never taken a history class. Did she really just compare the Iraq war to the American Revolutionary War? Her superficial argument that “Hey! Shit takes time!” really makes no sense. The way in which she compares the American Revolutionary War with the Iraq War is, uh, flawed to say the least. There are, however, some parallels that we might bear in mind.

William Marina writes last year: “The lessons of the American Revolution applicable to today epitomize the adage, ?those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.? Such a sea-change has occurred in Iraq, as continued American occupation and misuse of power has resulted in increasing numbers of common Iraqis seeing America?s involvement?and America?s hand-picked replacement government?as illegitimate.”

He continues:

The second parallel to draw between the American Revolution and Iraq today is the power of the militia. For despite the popular picture of George Washington and his forces, it was ultimately the popular militia that truly defeated the organized British army. The British left New England early in the War, and controlled really only New York City for the duration. They evacuated Philadelphia due to American pressure. British soldiers did not go out at night in less than battalion strength.

Americans in Iraq are similarly hunkered down and facing a hostile and armed populace. Even for well-equipped armies, confrontation inevitably means killing many among the civilian population who sustain these unconventional forces. And the vicious cycle is that such violence only reinforces the ?loss of legitimacy? that feeds continued insurgence. The first rule of counterinsurgency is to separate the guerrilla or irregular forces from the general population. This implies the occupiers have control, in some sense, of the entire country. And such is far from the case in Iraq.

And the real fear here is, Jean, that your purple fingers may not be signs of a legitimate constitution at all, but that of an installed government bent on providing the maximum benefit for the invaders. But you can just use your little timeline argument any way you wish. The bottom line is our revolution was one where the common people rose up against the occupier. Iraq is one where an invader ousted a leader and then tried to motivate such commoners to “stand up”. I see we are getting them fully trained in the critical tactical exercise of paint application. Ooo Rah!

Hah. And now for the GOOD news:

The good news doesn’t stop there, but we don’t hear enough about the positive stories. Did you know that more than 80,000 terrorists are no longer a threat to the world?

You missed the part about 80% of the country wanting us out. Or the 45% who think it is justfied to kill U.S. troops. Yet you support troops by keeping them in such an environment. These are common Iraqis who – hello Jean! – WANT US THE FUCK OUT of their country. If your president calls 51% a fucking mandate, what is 80%? Sounds like a pretty clear mandate from the Iraqi people, woudn’t you agree with me Ms. Schmidt?

In the next few weeks, I am headed to Iraq and you will hear from me when I am there. I plan to do everything I can to tell you exactly what is going on there.

Hey, watch out for those new IEDs…I hear they are a bitch! But I’m sure you will return with stories of Marines dying in Fallujah, but somehow I doubt that. I’m sure you’ll have your picture taken holding up a dyed finger though.

Some have suggested pulling our troops out of Iraq. But pulling out our troops before they have achieved their goal is not a plan for victory. Withdrawing our troops would send a message to the rest of the world that the United States is a weak and unreliable ally, not to mention the message it would send to our troops.

Plan for victory? What plan will you follow now? What we’ve done in Iraq – no matter how much you parrot the party line – is walk into a hornets nest. You honestly believe we will ever see Iraq as a free and democratic state? And if we do, what kind of state will that be? If it is truly democratic – of the people – it would most likely be an Islamic state and might just be hostile to the United States anyway. So spare me your moral platitudes.

You want a message we have sent to the International community, including the Middle East? America is a brutal invader who tortures those it captures, kills innocents in the name of democracy, and has imperialistic designs on world domination and control of oil producing areas of the world. How’s that for a message we are sending loud and clear to the rest of the world?

I also really wish you would, ma’am, stop talking about supporting our troops when your party has voted continuously to cut military and veterans benefits. It’s disingenuous. Maybe make your magnets say “Support our troops in the field, but screw ’em when they get home”.

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