Sherrod Brown took a few minutes to talk with me tonight. A few readers emailed me with questions and those were asked as well as some on my mind. It was a good talk and I appreciate Sherrod taking the time.

(22:33 5.16 MB MP3)

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(Note: I may try to do a transcript later, but don’t really feel there is much value in it so probably won’t)

There is still a bit of a question as to whether or not Congressman Brown really understands blogs and how to interact with them, but I hope by talking further with Phil De Vellis and others we can influence things in ways that will improve things. One good sign is a committment to also do Meet The Bloggers. I’m sure there are things they will go into deeper and things I did not get into that they will. I look forward to it.

One question I did not get time to ask was about the Plain Dealer article concerning Sherrod’s wife. There is another one getting her reaction as well.

PS: He didn’t call anyone the anti-Christ! Damnit!

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