Just signed up for CNN Pipeline. As if I needed another reason to be tethered to my laptop. Do I even NEED a TV anymore? Ah, sports…that’s right. I’ll toss ’em soon after ESPN Pipeline is launched.

It’s kind of interesting (and kind of pointless at the same time) to be able to see other feeds below the current live video. You can even select those feeds instead of listening to the talking head. So far the videos stream perfectly and the audio is clear as well. LOL. Saddam just told the judge to go to hell.

Wow, I just now noticed there is a separate studio and talking head expressly for CNN Pipeline and the content is geared toward talking to those viewing via the player. Hmmm.

Note: Some of the off feeds are pretty damned funny. One had audio of a guy asking how long they were gonna use the crew for because he had to pick up his daughter just after 6. LOL!