Bush gave yet another speech on Iraq today. This one using Pearl Harbor as a backdrop (today is the 64th anniversary of the day that would live in infamy). Basically the same speech, but notice in the beginning how used to invoking September 11th he is. He almost can’t say December 7th. Murtha has a good response and it is below as well. I actually have both videos, but they are pretty bad and the audio is all that is meaningful anyway.

Let me remind everyone that Iraq did not send out pilots to bomb the twin towers. If you want to make that argument, then I think we might just be in the wrong country. I’m really glad to see Murtha and not Kerry. I think Murtha has a great deal of relevance and has thus far been very persuasive in his arguments against the bumbling administration.

Bush speech (5:23):

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Murtha response (16:46):

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