This is good visibility for the Brown campaign. Brown will have to talk more and more Iraq as time goes on in the primary. Focus group tested? You be the judge:

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  • Tabb Khan

    Gee, I sure wish Joe Biden could talk like that — you know, like, making sense when he pontificates? Like having his (effective) talking points at the ready, and delivering them convincingly?

    I do like Paul Hackett, but Sherrod has “sensible” and “senator” written all over him. He sounds terrific.

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  • Tabb Khan

    America simply wants o-u-t of Iraq, with some dignity if possible. By Spring, even that precondition will become “inoperative.” Woe to pols who play Americans for stupid children, and who seek to divide us. Too much has been lost, too many have died to be played with any longer.

    C’mon, Dems and enlightened Pugs, find your voice, speak the truth, bring our children home. That is my Christmas prayer.

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