How do you neutralize the Ohio blogosphere? How about ignoring it. Tim at has a post about yet another Brown campaign miscue as it relates to blogs.

Seems they’ve given an interview to some Jerome Armstrong (da blog fatha!) protege, while still leaving the crickets chirping over at Meet The Bloggers. I guess these guys must be cold sore free…or maybe there is something else going on that we are unclear on – payola maybe? A little dough for softballs action? I didn’t get very far in the interview before words started to jump out at me:

“I think that we’re going to be creative enough through use of the blogs…”

Yeah, real creative. Thus far I’ve pissed off Ohio bloggers and alienated some of the strongest voices out there – everyone remember what a strong Brown fan Russo was in the beginning? Notice also he says “use of the blogs”. Not “we’ll be participating with bloggers”, or “we’ll join with local bloggers to get the message out”, or “we’ll join the blogosphere to engage those voices”. We are just another wrench in the Sherrod Brown electoral toolkit…I shouldn’t say WE, more like THEY.

Let’s make a running list (I’m big into lists lately) of the gaffes thus far:

Waffle on race entry – check
Mislead Hackett early about race entry – check
Buy a misleading blogad (using Hackett’s face) – check
Diss Tim Ryan for not flopping on Hackett – check
Plagiarize a blogger – check
Eschew local bloggers – check
Hire out of state ‘net coordinator (among others) – check

All I can say is Woohaa! Ya’ll must be high fiving each other daily in those meetings! “Yeah, boy! We be neutralizing that blogosphere!”. Earth to Sherrod Brown campaign: This shit only gets worse if you keep up the idiotic moves that have been the hallmark of your campaign thus far. Not even Ted Strickland can save you. Most of us do like you AND your voting record Sherrod…but damn!

The only thing they have left to do is get the comment spam machine rolling. The blogosphere will be neutralized in 3….2….1

But there are no REAL voters on blogs anyway. Nobody reads these things. And bloggers hardly, if ever, talk to anyone else. It’s all good!

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