The crew of Meet The Bloggers sat down with Ted Strickland in a local Cleveland coffee house to talk about his campaign for Governor. The streaming audio is available, as is the full transcript (minus the stuff not audible – the guys are working on improving the process).

This is really good stuff and is another way that blogs allow for extended conversations with political candidates. Paul Hackett is up next and Sherrod Brown has been invited but thus far has not committed one way or the other. Maybe Philip has yet to read rule number 9. Still waitin’ on that after Thanksgiving email bro!

There are two moments that are my favorites. The first is when Ted called Walmart the anti-Christ. I had the same reaction as the MTB bloggers: “Woah!”. Hey now!

The second is when George says “You can say ass.” I’ll leave it to you to find the context.

PS, don’t forget to suggest questions for Paul Hackett

Update: Unless I missed it (I was working and listening at the time), MTB did not ask Ted about the whole ODP power play thing. If so, missed opportunity. If not I need to go back and listen.

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