Wanted: ODP Leadership. Only those with change voices need apply. Brian can’t find his (from Toledo Blade):

Brian Rothenberg, an Ohio Democratic Party spokesman, said, “This is the first time in a long time that Ohioans want change and the Republicans are not change agents. And they’re struggling with that. We’re struggling to find our voice of change, and I think it will crystallize around February or March.”

Speaking to the Press Step 1: Don’t freaking admit you and your party are clueless. Might be true, but best not to admit it! Step 2: Try not to make timed-based predictions related to very amorphous propositions. We’re gonna find it come February or March? LOL. Is that when the plan is going to be rolled out? I’ll take get a clue for 200 Alex!

Did Brian NOT get the Culture of Corruption memo? Was he not a groupie on the Rotten Apple Tour?

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