Got a call from a local friend and activist to tell me that there was an article out in the latest print edition of The Nation. It talked about America Votes, RON, and things he thought of interest to me. The online version has been up since 11/30 and I missed it, but it is really a good read. I was at the meeting they talk about, and started this blog soon after that, started a chapter of Drinking Liberally soon after that, and am now investigating starting a progressive action group in Delaware County. So maybe there is something to it afterall…

“The greatest experience for me,” says Rosenthal, “was going out to places and seeing young organizers who knew how to cut walk lists and put material together and run a GOTV. That was one of the stated missions from the beginning: We were going to train a whole new generation of organizers, and we were going to figure out a way to keep them working year-round.”

…yep, that’s the IDEA! If anyone wants to talk to me about or join in the effort of organizing a permanent base for Democrat and Progressive action in Delaware County, feel free to contact me (look up and to the right) or reply to this post. I’m all ears.

“Last year, if you had an Internet connection and a computer and two friends, you had an organization,” says America Votes Ohio director Scott Nunnery.

Hey! That’s precisely what I got Scott!

The ACT VAN might be last year’s most concrete achievement, and it could serve as a cornerstone for a kind of permanent shared voter file for progressive organizers. “Data and voter files are to politics for the next ten years what media have been for the last twenty,” says Rosenthal.

I sure hope this is something that is built upon. I see America Votes now as a sort of mortar that basically ties a bunch of disparate stuff together. Kind of like watching a school of fish. I hope I’m right. Our job out here in our cities and counties is to make sure there are enough fish to guide in the right direction.

The real potential of the developing infrastructure–that word again!–isn’t that it can more effectively elect Democrats; it’s that it can serve as the foundation for a progressive movement.

Who in Delaware County will be a part of the movement with me? The time is now. The endpoint is never.

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