Jim Petro is running an ad which appeals strongly to the Rod Parsley crowd…and he’s running it very early. This is a sign to me that he might think himself and other state Republicans are in real trouble over the ongoing corruption within their party and Jim’s inability to effectively step up and deal with it. What better way to deflect such things than to ask for help from G-O-D.

The ad was featured and commented on during a recent NPR piece:

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Funny. I wonder if progressive activists will buy up all the flip flops and clap them together in front of Petro while stumping in Ohio? Of course not, because one is allowed to “grow and develop and change their viewpoints” afterall now aren’t they? Didn’t stop the college Redumblicans though did it?

Sure you changed your position Jim, for political convenience. Same thing Blackwell did because he’d rather win elections than stand for something. Evoking God, brilliant move Paduchik! But God can’t save your candidate from the horrible stench of Ohio corruption and a party leader with an approval rating damn near within the margin of error! I’m thinking near 70% is just about a mandate, don’t you?

How will Blackwell respond? Russo thinks he’ll be speaking in tongues!

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  • Kathie

    Now the fun begins… watching the GOP eat their own. Who will the first victim be? Montgomery? Draganic? Who does Walden O’Dell favor?

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