With the majority of the American people now NOT in favor of the war in Iraq, Bushco decided it was time to unveil a “plan for victory in Iraq”. High time I’d say, Mr. President. Yes, in fact, so many people are now against this war Bush himself might call it a “mandate”. I listened to the speech, listened to Reed and Kerry respond, then held my own impromptu press conference at City Hall here in Delaware with over 300 anti-war protestors present. (OK, it was just me and my dog…but he is really big, so there!)

The Bush Speech:

MP3 File

The Reed/Kerry Response:

MP3 File

Eric with top aid Dogen close by (sorry, I got rambling…this is like 12 minutes long – download it and use it as a sleep aid! I promise to practice and get better!):

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I think Froomkin is right when he says this might not work. The best of which is:

It is at heart a restatement, rather than a reappraisal, of a strategy that according to the polls the American public has overwhelmingly rejected.

Complete victory is a sham…nobody, even Bush himself, knows what the hell that means.

Update: After reading the Executive Summary, I didn’t have the stomach to do this but Think Progress has a complete deconstruction of the “Victory Plan”.

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