With the majority of the American people now NOT in favor of the war in Iraq, Bushco decided it was time to unveil a “plan for victory in Iraq”. High time I’d say, Mr. President. Yes, in fact, so many people are now against this war Bush himself might call it a “mandate”. I listened to the speech, listened to Reed and Kerry respond, then held my own impromptu press conference at City Hall here in Delaware with over 300 anti-war protestors present. (OK, it was just me and my dog…but he is really big, so there!)

The Bush Speech:

MP3 File

The Reed/Kerry Response:

MP3 File

Eric with top aid Dogen close by (sorry, I got rambling…this is like 12 minutes long – download it and use it as a sleep aid! I promise to practice and get better!):

MP3 File

I think Froomkin is right when he says this might not work. The best of which is:

It is at heart a restatement, rather than a reappraisal, of a strategy that according to the polls the American public has overwhelmingly rejected.

Complete victory is a sham…nobody, even Bush himself, knows what the hell that means.

Update: After reading the Executive Summary, I didn’t have the stomach to do this but Think Progress has a complete deconstruction of the “Victory Plan”.

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  • Great job with he audio, Eric. My wife and I both sat down to listen to it, and we’re nodding our heads in agreement with all of your points.
    That is an empowering feeling – we felt so alone during the 2004 election, our opposition to Iraq, questions of National priority, etc…to hear someone actually say the things we think is empowering for us indeed – so Thank you!

    I don’t know about you, but I’m hearing the Plunderbund Podcast, weekly radio show broadcast, huh? huh? It’s a thought!

    What kind of Big Dog??? We have a Newf.

  • Eric

    I have thought about a podcast and it may indeed develop. time…time…time! but i’ve been bouncing around the idea of doing such a thing on sundays. I appreciate that you listened and got something out of doing so.

    One idea i have is to do an update of sorts on things blogged about and things upcoming as well as interview fellow bloggers and see what they are up to…activists, candidates, etc, etc. So hold that thought!

    We have an English Mastiff. 200 pounder! He’s a big baby though. HATES strangers, which makes for one hell of a good guard dog. I figure anything you can get from the house in about 15 seconds you can keep! LOL.

    Thanks again, Scott. I really appreciate it.

  • Scott #2

    I listened to the entire thing as well. Two votes for a Plunderbund podcast! I love it!

  • Eric

    OK. It will start with the new year. How about that? I’m crackin’ up. Too funny. I know you guys just have insomnia and wanted to try to get yourselves to sleep. 😉

    But I’ll seriously start one next year. And Jan. 1, 2006 is a Sunday. That will work. I’m in. And two regular listeners already!

  • Kathie


    It sounds like Rove is running out of “ists” to use.

    Here’s a few more labels just in case.

    BushCo… anti-rejectionists

    War critics… co-rejectionists

    Saddam… pro-rejectionist

    European… sub-rejectionists

    A weekly Plunderbund podcast? Do wishes REALLY come true? LOL

  • Eric

    3 whole listeners! A month before launch. Is Ed Schultz worried yet? Not. That is if Kathie is not being sarcastic! LOL.

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