via the Dispatch:

“I have made a very difficult decision,” Coleman said during a lunchtime press conference in the mayor’s office. “I am announcing today that I will no longer be a candidate for governor of Ohio.”

The campaign never really got off the ground. The DUI along with some serious online mis-steps doomed this from the beginning.

I need to make up a list of suggestions for online campaign coordinators. It would start with: 1. Be honest, don’t blog or comment as someone you are not 2. Don’t ever, ever spam comments to get out your PR…and the list would go on. Listening Philip? Personal emails are great. PR via email is great. Lying sucks. Spam has and always will suck. Got it? Good.

Sorry, Mike. But hey, sweet poster! Maybe I can pick one up for a premium now!

Update: Ted Strickland comments on the Coleman decision. Yes, this is political blah, blah, blah, but I so like this audioblogging thing!

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