From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wiki Wars

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Wikiwars are fun to watch. Wikipedia is an amazing resource that basically takes the knowledge of users in various subject matters and leverages that in an open way to provide a free online encyclopedia. Most of you know all that.

What you might not realize is the amount of time that goes into competing definitions and explanations of things on the site. People literally “camp out” on certain subjects that are like pet projects to them. One recent one is the definition of “swiftboating”. Here is the definition as it had appeared recently:

“Swiftboating is American political […]

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Coleman Drops

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via the Dispatch:

“I have made a very difficult decision,” Coleman said during a lunchtime press conference in the mayor’s office. “I am announcing today that I will no longer be a candidate for governor of Ohio.”

The campaign never really got off the ground. The DUI along with some serious online mis-steps doomed this from the beginning.

I need to make up a list of suggestions for online campaign coordinators. It would start with: 1. Be honest, don’t blog or comment as someone you are not 2. Don’t ever, ever spam comments to get […]

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Corporate Warriors Gone Wild

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Ah, catching up. My family got slammed with a turkey of a vacation: 3 days in the hospital with my youngest. Kidney infections in 5 year olds suck! As does 5 tries getting an IV in her arm. I almost punched a nurse over that one. There is no more demanding a self control situation than watching someone hurt your child (albeit to help her).

This one caught my eye and turned my stomach at the same time. It was actually very topical as I’m right now reading P.W. Singer’s comprehensive “Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized […]

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