The following are things that I am thankful for, as it relates to politics and Plunderbund (of course I’m thankful for my family, friends, etc):

  • The Internet – the great equalizer. Now news travels at the speed of RSS and my weather is on my desktop. The greatest innovation in modern times, thanks to the folks over at DARPA. Don’t say the DOD is useless, DARPA proves otherwise.
  • Blogs – the new media. Say what you want, debunk what you can, hold the powers that be and the corporate media in check. rock on. we will not be neutralized!
  • The First Amendment – protecting my right to blog, talk, shout, hold up a sign, or support a cause since 1791.
  • Ohio lefty blogs – standing up to the insane right wing idealogues and attempted to slowly turn our state back to a more rational blue.
  • Delaware County Progressives – a small, but energetic bunch who will some day help to change the face of our very red county.
  • All of you – and last, but not least all of you. All of you who read, blog, volunteer, canvass, phonebank, rally, bitch, moan, complain, or protest. Thanks for doing whatever it is you do. It lets me know I’m not crazy and not alone.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your families. Let’s hook back up here on Monday and continue to give ’em hell shall we?

– Eric

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