X ManBoy, us netheads sure are conspiratorial in nature aren’t we? There has been some big hubub mostly among wingnut sites about CNN airing a big black X over Cheney during a speech. It happens for somewhere around 1/25th of a second. Drudge got everyone in an uproar, including of course Malkin.

The whole deal appears to be a technical thing…the X being a marker of some kind between feeds or whatnot. The Dan Report gets it sorted all out thanks to a graphics guy who analyzed and figured out there was also text that read: “Transition Begins After 5 Frames of Black”. If it were a prank, why would one put that technical sounding mumbo jumbo in there?

I say everyone is missing the real point here: This is a sign from GOD!

Update: This Just In! I told you so:

Cheney Evil Church Sign

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