Catching up from a hectic travel weekend. To save all who read this post the trouble, here is a tip: When they say be there an hour before an international flight, they mean ONE HOUR…not fifty minutes…not fifty five minutes. One freaking hour. Cost me 4 hours of my life that lesson right there…not to mention the rule that says no driving through Montreal at 4pm to the airport.

So, TVs were blaring on Friday in the airports I walked through on my travels home. Most were focused entirely on Mean Jean and her Murtha smear campaign. Most have seen this, but to have a place to easily point those who haven’t, here it goes (Murtha as we know is the highly respected Dem from PA who served some 37 years of military service and is, essentially, untouchable in terms of the chickenhawk’s ability to call him a coward for – as he did recently – not supporting the war in Iraq any longer).

So what do you do when you have an untouchable veteran oppose your illegal little PNAC war? Why, throw a sacrificial little freshman chickenhawk at ’em of course!:

(hat tip Can of Fun)

(the difference in the tone in her first remarks vs. the retraction are striking)

Update: People Have The Power has more about who Colonel Danny Bubp is that Jean refers to in her speech (guy who wrote the letter sending a message to Murtha), as does Scott at Word of Mouth.

This is what I walked around Portsmouth for hours for? To have this dumbass pull a House of Commons routine? How pathetic. The man who should have been standing there speaking in favor of a courageous John Murtha did chime in:

“I thought her comments were at best irresponsible and at worst, grossly unpatriotic,” said Paul Hackett, who ran against Schmidt in a recent special election and is currently seeking a seat in the US Senate.

She, of course, is seen later withdrawing her remarks – a tactical move which backfired greatly. The strategy was to surely get this out there, withdraw it and still have the damage linger. What happened, however, is now there is great support for Murtha and those ideas. The Republicans are crippled by Murtha and they know it. Cheney, the attack dog, is reduced to merely disagreeing with him in what Dick deems “an important debate”. It’s a third rail, and Dick knows it. What is in the last throes now is this war and there is no popular support for it or this president…and it is about damned time! Thank you, John Murtha.

Hackett also attempts to hang Jean on Mike DeWine by asking him to demand that Jean apologize.

SNL also did a great skit and skewered Schmidt, available from Crooks and Liars

Update 2: Let’s remember the words of the Chickenhawk Queen about her first day of service shall we?:

After my swearing-in, I delivered my first speech as a Member of Congress from the floor of the House of Representatives. In it, I told my new colleagues how privileged I am for the opportunity to serve with them. I acknowledged that while we may not always agree on the details of our work, I vowed to my colleagues that I would refrain from harsh words, name-calling and the questioning of character.

(hat tip UAPA)

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