BrincoThis is going to make O’reilly’s head explode…not to mention piss off the minutemen (do we still have minutemen?). A company has made sneakers that have several built in features to help Mexicans cross the border. They feature an insole with a border map, a pouch to carry money or other small items, a compass, a mini-flashlight, and Mexican flag colors.

Brinco sneakers (jump in spanish) is an art project really, only 1000 have been made; some sold for prices that would even make Jordan blush; some given away to Mexicans planning to come to the U.S. via a border crossing. Article

Brinco Schematic

Sellers: Printed Matter Blends

The sneakers are made in China for $17, yet sell for over $200…highlighting key social and economic justice issues. They bring up important things to discuss, so have at it!