OK, want more evidence the whole Husted thing is BS? How about Tiberi being hailed as a hero for helping stop RON and saving GOP seats? Yeah? Yeah.

Roll Call has an article about it. It’s subscription based, so I’ll leave it up to you to subscribe or figure out another way to read the entire article. Here are some snippets:

Tiberi took a leading role behind the scenes in the GOP effort to defeat the measure, acting as the point person and go-between for the Congressional delegation and the state-based opposition effort.

I know he’s already on the evil bastard list, but I say let’s elevate him shall we? Head of the class, Mr. Tiberi. Merci.

To express the gratitude of the House Republican Conference, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds (N.Y.) presented Tiberi with a framed map of the state signed by Ohio?s Republican delegation at Wednesday?s Conference meeting.

Whoopee! The Gerrymanderer Award. How sweet.

And finally:

Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) said that when the redistricting initiative was first announced, many Republicans in the state were convinced it would pass and that it wasn?t even worth fighting. But not Tiberi.

?Tiberi literally took the bull by the horns,? Ney said. ?He was the catalyst.?

Revealing, eh? Of course without the fucking horrid obfuscation it would have passed. Lovely little representative democracy we got going here huh?

The article goes on to talk about how Rethugs would have surely lost ground if passed and that Pat is being credited with having saved six seats. See? It was not about anything but saving seats. Do these folks ever argue from a position of honesty? So it never really was about the following arguments:

  • Issue 4 places an untested, unused mathematical formula into the Constitution to create districts based on partisanship.
  • The formula places partisanship ahead of traditional redistricting principles such as keeping communities together, compactness and respect for minority representation.
  • The pursuit of drawing the highest scoring map under the new mathematical formula could lead to the creation of absurd and distorted districts stretching from one end of the state to the other.
  • The burden is on the plan’s proponents to prove their formula will not break apart communities and create meandering districts.

But then again the talking point of “This will cost Republicans 6 seats” doesn’t really garner the public fear like the above. Fucking liars.

Earth to the ODP: They are not interested in reform, they are interested in maintaining seats and power. Period. Don’t be fooled. They need cover for the next election cycle due to their president dumping on them all year. It is very similar to the reason for their 11th hour absentee ballot trick. Just stick your nose up a bit, you’ll smell it.

(hat tip Grow Ohio)

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