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This is going to make O’reilly’s head explode…not to mention piss off the minutemen (do we still have minutemen?). A company has made sneakers that have several built in features to help Mexicans cross the border. They feature an insole with a border map, a pouch to carry money or other small items, a compass, a mini-flashlight, and Mexican flag colors.

Brinco sneakers (jump in spanish) is an art project really, only 1000 have been made; some sold for prices that would even make Jordan blush; some given away to Mexicans planning to come to the U.S. via a border […]

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OK, want more evidence the whole Husted thing is BS? How about Tiberi being hailed as a hero for helping stop RON and saving GOP seats? Yeah? Yeah.

Roll Call has an article about it. It’s subscription based, so I’ll leave it up to you to subscribe or figure out another way to read the entire article. Here are some snippets:

Tiberi took a leading role behind the scenes in the GOP effort to defeat the measure, acting as the point person and go-between for the Congressional delegation and the state-based opposition effort.

I know […]

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Yeah, but will the kids buy it?

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(hat tip HFA) This is pretty funny. A group called RightMarch has launched a campaign to get a new cool ass song yo (the kids say “yo” right?) out there to the masses of misled liberal kids. The duo out of Nasvhille, The Right Brothers, sing the tune titled “Bush Was Right”. We’re pretty sure the lyrics were penned by Rove – haven’t we wondered what he’s been doing? – but there has been no verification of this…it has not been thoroughly plunderbunded.

Lyrics, audio sample, video, and commentary after the fold

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