Update: Breaking News! Bush supports Cheney’s remarks. Duh. Did you guys know war is “serious business”? I was a bit unclear on that, but thankfully George cleared it up for me!

Sitting here in my hotel in Quebec watching CNN and eating poutine. A quick summary of the speech and then back to the good stuff.

Basically the Bush “rewrite history” speech did not work, so they sent Cheney out to try again. They are back to their usual rinse, repeat ad nauseum routine. We stood by while blah blah…but we will not let some in the Senate politicize this war and rewrite history blah blah blah….

Will some Democrat please point out that Bush and Cheney BOTH need to study history as it relates to Saudi Arabia’s sponsorship of terrorism and the coziness they have enjoyed with George and Dick despite this fact?

…so anyway. Poutine. This stuff shoulda been invented in America. How we didn’t think of it first I have no idea. Take some rough cut french fries. Now, cram them in a cup and compress. Toss on some white cheese curds. Then finally pour on some brown gravy. Poutine! It must have been what gave KFC the idea for their bowls. Yum yum.

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