Update: Site is now a GoDaddy parked domain. Plug pulled? Cease and Desist maybe?…looks like it was updated on 11/16/05

(hat tip Buckeye Senate Blog)

OK, how the hell does someone in a campaign let this happen? Is it not someone’s express responsibility to register up any domain remotely close to a candidate’s name? Or possibly even stuff that could be used in bad ways: sherrodbrownsucks.com? Unreal. Registered back in July, sherrodbrown.org is secretly registered via Domains by Proxy. The site, however, appears to be claimed by a Matt Naugle on the home page.

First the odd race entry, then the blogad fiasco, then plagiarism, now this. Maybe a Hackett plant really IS running the Brown campaign. Wise up all ye mofos, wise up. Does Matt realize Sherrod is running for Senate? Or does he know something we all don’t yet?

Google fun with Matt

– He wrote a bad Network Protocol book, then turned around and wrote another

– He got called out by Law Dork

– He gets together with other wingnuts in Cleveland

– He “blogs” for Blackwell – blog with no comments – what fun!

– Is somehow related to this blog…but couldn’t find a recent post.

– Has in the past pointed Dave Barry to some really disgusting shit!

…and hell, that was just the first 2 pages!

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