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Sherrod Brown .org Hijack

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Update: Site is now a GoDaddy parked domain. Plug pulled? Cease and Desist maybe?…looks like it was updated on 11/16/05

(hat tip Buckeye Senate Blog)

OK, how the hell does someone in a campaign let this happen? Is it not someone’s express responsibility to register up any domain remotely close to a candidate’s name? Or possibly even stuff that could be used in bad ways: Unreal. Registered back in July, is secretly registered via Domains by Proxy. The site, however, appears to be claimed by a Matt Naugle on the home page.

First the […]

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[Cues Bullshit Alarm] Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted wants Dems to have a seat at the table to discuss, among other things, fairer redistricting. Folks, I’m having another one of those “Well Fuck Me” moments. According to the Plain Dealer, Husted is “extending an olive branch” in a rare “gesture of bipartisanship”. Damn near ruined my laptop just then…should had a barf bag handy.

Although Republicans universally opposed the election reform amendments, which were promoted and bankrolled by Democrats, Husted candidly acknowledges that reforms are critically needed nonetheless…Husted intends to solicit their participation in discussions on how […]

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Marc Dann’s BFO

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Marc Dann announces candidacy for Ohio Attorney General and launches Blog For Ohio.

Marc was one of the speakers at the Delaware County Democratic Dinner this past Saturday evening. His audio was one that came out relatively decent. Listen below:

Marc Dann Speech at DCDP Dinner:

MP3 File

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