While I’m working on the audio of speakers at the Delaware County Democratic Party’s fall dinner (some decent, some poor – doing what i can!), I wanted to jot down a few thoughts on the recent speech by Bush and why (again) what is being talked about doesn’t matter as much as what isn’t.

First off, was the timing poor to politicize Veteran’s Day? Absolutely. But then again being crass and arrogant is a Republican trait. Why did he do it then? To get the troops behind him and try to use their uniforms to bolster his pitiful approval rating (hums a Paul Simon tune). Could he have timed it differently? Sure…the point has been made that he had a radio address the next day – but who the hell listens to that? He needed a news cycle, baby! Cheap, George…like the NA beer the Gazette claims you drink – much more on that later.

So the left is rightfully crying foul and the right is jumping up and down like their team just scored a touchdown in a game that was decided in the previous quarter. Conservatives are actually wanting Bush to try harder. Push back more against the “history revisionists”.

Here’s some history we should try revisiting my red state ilk:

– Attacked on 9/11 by those primarily from Saudi Arabia…no discussion of invading such regime that is known for chopping off hands for stealing and enforcing religious worship at the end of an AK-47. Not a word.

– Attacked on 9/11 by a maniac who thus far is still at large…Osama, wherefore art thou Osama? We hardly knew ye…

– Used attacks on 9/11 as a reason to invade Iraq after leaving the job half done on Al Queda…still no connection shown.

– War on terror used as justification to invade Iraq, yet more terrorists flocked to Iraq BECAUSE of the invasion.

– Project for a New American Century forshadowed the need for a “Pearl Harbor” like attack to give justification for invading a Middle East country in order to change the face of the middle east – most likely in order to project new corporatocractic imperialist interests and expansion…connect the damned dots!

So to hell with pre-war intelligence. Once again we are having the conversation that diverts us from the real and present danger of an administration that is at the bechtel and call of corporations. Hell, they move back and forth so much from one to the other no wonder there is a blur between the two. Ask John Perkins and see what he says related to why we are in Iraq. I’m sure his focus will NOT be on pre-war vs. post-war intelligence. That is all a smoke screen. He’ll probably tell you it is a simple case of EHM and Jackal failure – and if you don’t know what that means, please read his latest book! When Pat Robertson says Hugo Chavez should be assassinated, that is no mere coincidence. I’m betting somewhere there was a NOC cussing his ass off at a black op gone bad over that one. We gotta wise up and put pressure where pressure is needed…and it ain’t pre-war intel folks!

But the great news about Bush’s speech is that after having a clear mandate and political capital that he intended to spend, he is reduced to shadow arguing with a man he already defeated in an election. The man is in real trouble folks, and if I were any Democrat in the public eye, I’d keep on pounding!

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