Driving back to my hotel and not knowing what station is what in Evansville, IN I just scanned around until I found some people talking – and landed on Asshat Hannity’s show. Dick Morris was on and was whining incessantly about the Arnold issues being soundly defeated in Cali – especially redistricting. Well fuck me. You don’t say.

Morris was “disappointed” that the reapportionment part of the Governator’s ballot initiatives were defeated, because (get this) the Democrats have horribly gerrymandered things and the congressional districts should represent the people of the state better than they do.

If I were in a chair, I would have fallen out. It was all I could do to stay in the correct lane on I-164. That shit made me livid. What would Hannity and Morris say about Issue 4 in Ohio? I bet that defeat is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It doesn’t help our cause when prominent liberal bloggers are celebrating such “wins” in California while decrying same in Ohio.

So for Dems a defeat of redistricting is good for Cali but bad for Ohio and the opposite for Rethugs? Amazing. Hey political parties remember us? We’re the people! Hi!

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