Link to state election results

Link to Delaware County election results

10:21pm – Riddle me this batman. How the hell does a poll show an issue 61/25 FOR and on election night same issue is 64/36 AGAINST? I truly don’t get that…

10:03pm – OK, here’s the deal. Every single Democrat who did not come out in support of RON I want to document and actively oppose. If they are in an election, I will deliberately obfuscate anything they are doing. We couldn’t even make this close with the worst corruption we’ve seen in this state in a very long time. Approval ratings for state Republicans are lower than low, but RON goes down 70/30? This is Republicrat collusion at its worst. Let’s make a list…let’s check it twice…we’ll find out who was naughty and nice. Reply to this post with names of those you know who supported RON (I’m talking ALL of RON – not some lame ass for 2 and against 3-5 shit…how safe and dumb is that!). This will be the safe list. I’ll compile. If you are on the list, we’ll work with you…if not, toast. Someone has GOT to stand up to this shit!

9:08pm – The Dems get their wish. No change. Good luck winning back power and taking advantage of the rules to your favor. Have fun…good night.

8:34pm – Delaware County results are comical. Even Issue 2 (seriously a no-brainer) is getting hammered! WTF is wrong with these people here? I imagine it is going to take more than a handful of people to transform this county…but thanks much to those who tried!!

7:57pm – Real early, but looking rough thus far. Hopefully there are blue counties yet to report…stay tuned!

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