Just got this email:

Dear Eric,

I wanted to dash off a quick note to you with some exciting news. Today, we learned that the Ed Schultz Show will now be aired on Armed Forces Radio.

Ed Schultz stated, “I would like to thank General Clark for his efforts to help bring the Ed Schultz Show to Armed Forces Radio Network. To have the support of one of the highest ranking military officers in the history of the country is an honor.”

And I want to thank you for your efforts. You sent over 25,000 letters to Members of Congress, and there is no doubt you helped make this happen. This is a tremendous victory for WesPAC grassroots.

This is also great news for the members of our military and their families. Armed Forces Radio honoring their promise to air the Ed Schultz Show will ensure greater political balance in their programming.

Finally, General Clark will be appearing on the Ed Schultz Show today at 5:30pm ET. For more information about your area visit www.wegoted.com.

Thank you again for your efforts. You made a difference.


Catherine Grunden
Executive Director
WesPAC — Securing America’s Future

This makes me really glad to have written the 3 letters I did.

Ed had Wes Clark on his show today to talk about the victory in getting the show back on Armed Forces Radio as well as talk some about the news of charges against soldiers for torture.

Listen to Wes Clark on The Ed Schultz Show:

MP3 File

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