Some interesting sleuthing has been done by E Pluribus Media as it relates to what is behind the RON opposition group Ohio First (hat tip Tim).

Let’s play the follow me game, shall we?

follow me now...

  • Reports by Ohio First to the Ohio Secretary of State show $27,000 in payments to Strategic Public Partners for “campaign staff.”
  • The same report shows a payment of $18,625 to Majority Strategies for “literary production.”
  • Majority Strategies owner Sam Van Voorhis was subpoenaed in the investiagation of alleged campaign finance violations by another Bush Pioneer, former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder.
  • J. Matthew Yuskewich, Treasurer for Ohio First, also received a subpoena. He was the treasurer of the Ohio House Campaign Committee when the alleged kickback scheme occurred.
  • Wait, one more subpeona worth noting was issued to Tom Whatman. Whatman was the treasurer of the fund Informed Citizens of Ohio, started by Householder, which was also under investigation.

How many more links are there in the chain and where do they go?

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