OK, enough is enough. I sat back and watched while the state party and county parties stood around with their hands in their pockets on RON. I even listened to some Dems who wanted RON defeated – the reasoning of which always seemed to boil down to the same intellectually dishonest position of “…yeah, but once we are in power, we’ll benefit from the status quo”. When exactly the Dems plan on winning an election is quite beyond me. I will agree that the door is wide open, but I can’t agree that you leave the playing field tilted in the hopes that you’ll land on the right side at some point.

I read a while back about Jimmy Dimora coming out against RON (even though his state and county party had not decided to do that). While this does prove the non-partisan nature of the issues, it also proves a disconnect in the state and county parties when it comes to fighting for the types of things they should be fighting for. It is harmful and counterproductive in the larger realm of what a solid progressive Democratic Party should be.

NOW we have Dimora not only coming out against the issues, we have him recording phone calls FOR Ohio First, the powerful elite and entrenched politicians trying to defeat reform in the state. Take a couple of minutes and place a phone call and let a party leader know he has overstepped:

County Party Headquarters: 216-621-9750
Dimora’s Commissioner Office: 216-443-7180
His email: CNJCD@cuyahogacounty.us

and if anyone can get a recording of it I would love it

Update: Here is the audio! – Keep in mind this is the Chairman of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party – Paid for by Ohio First. Un-fucking-believable…

MP3 File

So here’s the deal. I understand the argument that you want to keep the issues non-partisan and this is the reason that many Dems and the ODP did not come out in favor it RON. I was told that RON told them not to, but have since found that this statement might have been a bit misleading. ODP and county parties could have supported the issues – if doing the right thing counts for anything. They could have at least said nothing publicly but privately nudged their members to get a move on – no evidence of that from where I sit.

But they all thought the smarter thing to do was sit back and not create a partisan divide. Well guess what? The opposition did it! And you knew they would. There was no way the controlling party was going to go for initiatives that threatened their entrenched political power. Everyone knew they would fire up the red state partisan divide and call out the dogs – 170 of them who gave big money to defeat RON.

The ODP is so hung up on capitalizing on their catchphrase “Culture of Corruption”, but they didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to lay down the gauntlet on RON, stand up and say this needed to get done, highlight the corruption that we have in the state, and run a draw up the middle. They tried the old end-around…and guess what? The Republicans did not break containment and we got nailed for a short gain on 3rd and long. Congratulations Democratic leadership. Thanks much. I hope your rotten apple tour goes well. You could have had a whole cart load…but once again you blew it.

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