Damn it. There it goes again. That moment when I cringe while listening to (or reading in this case) someone from my hometown speak. Why does the press seem to always find the biggest dumbass from the state to represent us? Drives me nuts.

CNN recently published some emails from readers asking them what advice they would give the POTUS. Our friend Berenice decided to reply:

None. I think he is doing a wonderful job and smiling the entire way. Who protected our country after September 11? Who protects our country today? I think the Democrats should look at their own party that is where the problems lie. There is nothing they can do to discourage our party. Nothing. We are all smiling.
Berenice Milligan, Louisville, Kentucky

Berenice, my friend. How ’bout them cards? But, uh…quick question fer ya: Who was the President ON September 11, 2001? Game. Set. Match. Advice for you, Mr. Milligan: Keep smiling…and,uh…Go Cats!

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