I love irony. I mean really I do. Other than sarcasm, it is my favorite tool – especially when it comes to pointing out right-wing corruption in the Buckeye State. In today’s “The People’s Defender” (irony), Jean Schmidt tells us we should “Run From RON“. I love Jean Schmidt (sarcasm).

If “How Jean Schmidt argued against Reform Ohio Now” was a jeopardy question, I would be a button pressing fool. “What is parroting right-wing talking points Alex”. Ding Ding Ding!

She finishes it off by using another common right-wing tactic: LYING!

Why replace something that is not only not broken, but is working very well? The current elections process in Ohio is competitive, well tested and contains safeguards in a place well-known for being a “battleground” state. Issues 2,3,4 and 5 would damage our Constitution and cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Jean, what the hell state are you living in? Oh…yes…D.C. I see. How soon you forget. Just because your ass almost got taken out in one of the redest congressional safe havens does not mean our elections process is competitive. You need to read up. There is only one and possibly four of the 18 districts that are competitive and you know it. As the great Doug E. Fresh would say: “Stop lyin'”.

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