[Queue randomness] It could have been one of the funniest moments in television history. But alas, poor Yorick. “Instant Messenger Acronyms” was the Jeopardy category tonight. “Say what?”. I said “Instant Messenger Acronyms”. What I thought you said.

Wow. Could it possibly happen? My chest filled with hope – or halloween candy indigestion – as I awaited the first question. Nope. Not that one. Then the next. Damn…

[Enter dream sequence] Then it happened. She picks Instant Messenger Acronyms for 800. Camera pans to the clue. “WTF“. Buzzer sounds. With a slight smile, the contestant says, “What is what the fuck? Alex”. OMG. Did that just happen? I run to my cell and try to figure out which friend will appreciate this the most…”Dude, you will NOT believe this…”[/dream sequence][/randomness]