State Issue 4 would stop party hacks from fixing voting districts to grab offices and will force politicians to compete for our votes, rather than just rigging districts in their own best interests.

In today’s WaPo (hat tip Hypo Speaking), Michael McDonald refutes the October 29th Rosenbaum Op-Ed, pointing out a quote taken out of context. The money quote, though is this:

No other advanced democracy permits legislators to draw districts, so the mischief we have seen with U.S. redistricting does not happen elsewhere. The Post should continue supporting redistricting reform to create a democracy that better serves its citizens.

Yes on 2-5.

Why RON is so important. Case 2.

Update: When I find my notes I will expand upon a conversation I had with AIRC Chairman Steve Lynn and he basically confirmed what McDonald said in his refutation of the Rosebaum Op-Ed.

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  • Eli Rosenbaum

    McDonald was not pointing out a quote taken out of context. He had/has no way of doing this, since the quote is from a personal interview, the transcript of which was pre-cleared with the commission chair prior to publication of my piece.

  • Eric


    Thanks for the reply. I’ve emailed the commission to get the exact context of the statement cleared up by Steve. Will post when/if he replies.

  • Eric

    I am remiss in not updating this post before now…but will soon. I did contact Steve and he basically confirmed the content of this post. Your quote WAS taken out of context. More details when I update this post. But thanks for playing…

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