Recently on a canvass outing for Reform Ohio Now I ran into a house with a little R beside it on my sheet. Most of the people I worked with winced when they saw that, but me – being a fan of confrontation and having enjoyed the sport of argument for years – smiled 🙂 A Republican. Great. Being a non-partisan issue (no matter what the freaked out right in the state may say), it is quite easy to talk to people of other parties and beliefs about Issues 2-5.

I have found much support for these issues among Republicans, yet oddly enough the support has been dwindling now that the Grand Old Party has unleashed the grand old fears upon their electorate.

…arguing with a Republican after the fold

So I ring the doorbell on the little house with an R beside it, expecting nothing and hoping for a yes. Being in the third week of canvassing now, the first question is beginning to get answered in the affirmative: “Are you aware of the ballot initiatives coming up November 8th?”. Yes he says. “And I’ll be voting against all of them”. Fair enough. “Have a great weekend,” I say smiling.

Falling back into my door-to-door sales training this house is out of my mind already and I’m looking at the next address…that is until about half way down the driveway of my just forgotten address.

“And I’ll tell you another thing!” the man shouts.. Uh oh. Here we go…

Now, I will tell you I normally just keep walking, or smiling, or “hey, I gotta run” back at him. But you see, this was the last address on this street and I was due to meet the group in about 6 minutes. I HAD THE TIME.

“Sorry?”, I say as I walk back up the driveway.

“I’ll tell you another thing about this absentee voting thing. I don’t like the fraud involved!”

“There is no evidence it will increase fraud. In fact, several states have this type of setup with no evidence of increased fraud. One state, in fact, does all voting by mail,” I say. (the last it turns out is a poor argument, but he never notices)

“Well, look. If you can’t get off your ass and get down to vote then you don’t deserve to. Why hell, it’s just down there.” (points up the street)

“Yes, sir. But you see, for some it is not just down there. And for others who can only take a certain amount of time off from their jobs to vote, they can’t stand in lines for ten hours. This is why we need this measure to open up the process to all who WANT to vote.”

“Nobody stood in line for ten hours. 30 minutes at most.”

“OK, sir. I uh…gotta go”

I did not waste the time going into the plethora of reporting after 2004 about the long lines, the voter disenfranchisement, the misallocation of voting machines. Nor did I tell Mr. Sir about the Conyers Report. I just did not waste my time. But you see, this is precisely why those of us who have read such things and are aware that 30 minute maximium lines across the state is a fantasy world meant to make Mr. Sir feel better about being a Republican and supporting a Secretary of State who helped to completely bastardize our election process.

But we know. So we must fight. Yes on 2-5.

Whey RON is so important. Case 1.

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