[sings] I?ll tumble 4 ya…I?ll tumble 4 ya…I?ll tumble 4 ya…I?ll tumble 4 you. It’s the Culture Club – the culture of corruption! Two new RON related ads out.

First up is from the Reform Ohio Now folks themselves:

Second is from Citizens to End Corruption:

Both play on what is sure to be a relentlessly pounding talking point – The COC. Commentary below the fold

The first RON ad is very good. The lead in ties in the visual of newspaper headlines which most voters have been reading. I like the door closing sound as well…good metaphor. The psychology of having all film of the corrupt in muted tones and then having the flag symbol bright and colorful is good as well.

The CEC ad is also good…and very similar. I like the doubt placed back on the No campaign. Again, the newspaper headline tie in – great stuff. Equating a No vote to more corruption is good also. Yes puts ’em in handcuffs. Same flag metaphor which I like – repetition builds the message. Pounding on a very unpopular Governor (convicted of crimes) and equating a No vote of approving of him is good shit. Keep ’em comin’!

Will there be a big bang commercial to tie a nice neat package around the lot?

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