From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Culture Club

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[sings] I?ll tumble 4 ya…I?ll tumble 4 ya…I?ll tumble 4 ya…I?ll tumble 4 you. It’s the Culture Club – the culture of corruption! Two new RON related ads out.

First up is from the Reform Ohio Now folks themselves:

Second is from Citizens to End Corruption:

Both play on what is sure to be a relentlessly pounding talking point – The COC. Commentary below the fold

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Senate Dems: About Freakin’ Time!

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Democrats force a rare closed session today in an attempt to get Republicans off the mark on Iraq war intelligence investigations (CNN, WaPo). Something I’m sure they’d rather be shelved indefinately. Rule 21, or in translation – Dems getting a backbone. Sign of things to come? Here’s hoping.

“I demand, on behalf of the American people, that we understand why these investigations aren’t being conducted,” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid

Republicans were shocked and awed. “The Senate has been hijacked” hollers Frist. An affront he says. Yeah. Let’s make a list of the current “affronts” upon the […]

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Why RON is so important – Case 2

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State Issue 4 would stop party hacks from fixing voting districts to grab offices and will force politicians to compete for our votes, rather than just rigging districts in their own best interests.

In today’s WaPo (hat tip Hypo Speaking), Michael McDonald refutes the October 29th Rosenbaum Op-Ed, pointing out a quote taken out of context. The money quote, though is this:

No other advanced democracy permits legislators to draw districts, so the mischief we have seen with U.S. redistricting does not happen elsewhere. The Post should continue supporting redistricting reform to create a democracy that better […]

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Why RON is so important – Case 1

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Recently on a canvass outing for Reform Ohio Now I ran into a house with a little R beside it on my sheet. Most of the people I worked with winced when they saw that, but me – being a fan of confrontation and having enjoyed the sport of argument for years – smiled 🙂 A Republican. Great. Being a non-partisan issue (no matter what the freaked out right in the state may say), it is quite easy to talk to people of other parties and beliefs about Issues 2-5.

I have found much support for these issues among Republicans, […]

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