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Update: This is now a page instead of blog post and is a work in progress with comments on the page enabled. I have made some changes suggested over at Kos already. Thanks for all the input and support of this little wiki-like project! Hopefully it will benefit those looking for ways to run online campaigns better.

This will probably be a work in progress and will evolve to a page instead of a blog post. Your comments are welcome.

1. No BS. Save your slick PR and spin for the masses. Those of us engaged and online […]

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With the majority of the American people now NOT in favor of the war in Iraq, Bushco decided it was time to unveil a “plan for victory in Iraq”. High time I’d say, Mr. President. Yes, in fact, so many people are now against this war Bush himself might call it a “mandate”. I listened to the speech, listened to Reed and Kerry respond, then held my own impromptu press conference at City Hall here in Delaware with over 300 anti-war protestors present. (OK, it was just me and my dog…but he is really big, so there!)

The Bush Speech:


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Manifest Diesel

On November 30, 2005 By

Are these guys for real? This little clip of audio is a real head shaker. Charles Grassley, Republican from Iowa outlines his case for Manifest Diesel:

You know, what–what makes our economy grow is energy. And, and Americans are used to going to the gas tank (sic), and when they put that hose in their, uh, tank, and when I do it, I wanna get gas out of it. And when I turn the light switch on, I want the lights to go on, and I don’t want somebody to tell me I gotta change my way of living to […]

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Petro Performs Papal Prostration

On November 30, 2005 By

Jim Petro is running an ad which appeals strongly to the Rod Parsley crowd…and he’s running it very early. This is a sign to me that he might think himself and other state Republicans are in real trouble over the ongoing corruption within their party and Jim’s inability to effectively step up and deal with it. What better way to deflect such things than to ask for help from G-O-D.

The ad was featured and commented on during a recent NPR piece:

MP3 File

Funny. I wonder if progressive activists will buy up all the flip […]

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Wiki Wars

On November 29, 2005 By

Wikiwars are fun to watch. Wikipedia is an amazing resource that basically takes the knowledge of users in various subject matters and leverages that in an open way to provide a free online encyclopedia. Most of you know all that.

What you might not realize is the amount of time that goes into competing definitions and explanations of things on the site. People literally “camp out” on certain subjects that are like pet projects to them. One recent one is the definition of “swiftboating”. Here is the definition as it had appeared recently:

“Swiftboating is American political […]

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Coleman Drops

On November 29, 2005 By

via the Dispatch:

“I have made a very difficult decision,” Coleman said during a lunchtime press conference in the mayor’s office. “I am announcing today that I will no longer be a candidate for governor of Ohio.”

The campaign never really got off the ground. The DUI along with some serious online mis-steps doomed this from the beginning.

I need to make up a list of suggestions for online campaign coordinators. It would start with: 1. Be honest, don’t blog or comment as someone you are not 2. Don’t ever, ever spam comments to get […]

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Corporate Warriors Gone Wild

On November 29, 2005 By

Ah, catching up. My family got slammed with a turkey of a vacation: 3 days in the hospital with my youngest. Kidney infections in 5 year olds suck! As does 5 tries getting an IV in her arm. I almost punched a nurse over that one. There is no more demanding a self control situation than watching someone hurt your child (albeit to help her).

This one caught my eye and turned my stomach at the same time. It was actually very topical as I’m right now reading P.W. Singer’s comprehensive “Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized […]

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Things I’m Thankful For

On November 24, 2005 By

The following are things that I am thankful for, as it relates to politics and Plunderbund (of course I’m thankful for my family, friends, etc):

The Internet – the great equalizer. Now news travels at the speed of RSS and my weather is on my desktop. The greatest innovation in modern times, thanks to the folks over at DARPA. Don’t say the DOD is useless, DARPA proves otherwise. Blogs – the new media. Say what you want, debunk what you can, hold the powers that be and the corporate media in check. rock on. we will not be Full Story...

Boy, us netheads sure are conspiratorial in nature aren’t we? There has been some big hubub mostly among wingnut sites about CNN airing a big black X over Cheney during a speech. It happens for somewhere around 1/25th of a second. Drudge got everyone in an uproar, including of course Malkin.

The whole deal appears to be a technical thing…the X being a marker of some kind between feeds or whatnot. The Dan Report gets it sorted all out thanks to a graphics guy who analyzed and figured out there was also text that read: “Transition Begins […]

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This just keeps getting better and better by the day. First Murtha steps forward and shows commanding leadership, that despite appearing to be teflon, gets sniped at by the right anyways (cue wicked witch of the west bicycle theme). That shit backfires and lingers as the messenger is not only killed, but comes out smelling like a liar.

The cut and run frame is officially dead (ding dong the witch is dead, the mean old witch, the wicked witch!). Salah Nasrawi, an AP writer, reports that Iraqis even want a timetable for our withdrawal from their country. Not […]

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On November 22, 2005 By

A comment over at Buckeye Senate blog got me in the mood to do some Photoshopping (Fireworks actually, but fireworksing sounds like crap):

The whole thing started with this post.

Damn, I forgot there was a truce!

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