Well, this article in today’s Toledo Blade gives you many.

YES on Issue 3? Here you go:

The success of Mr. Voinovich’s $8.7 million campaign, along with Republican Bob Taft’s $2.7 million bid for secretary of state, ignited a political machine that would dominate Ohio for the next 15 years – and nurture a network of donors who helped Mr. Bush win the state’s wallet and votes in 2004.

YES on Issue 4? OK:

With elections looming in 1990, Mr. Bennett focused his resources: By winning at least two of the three races for governor, auditor, and secretary of state, he knew Republicans would be able to redraw the legislative and congressional map to favor their candidates and notch a foothold of power.

Not only that, there are some good lessons for Ohio Dems in here as well:

The party’s two strongest candidates wanted the governorship. Mr. Bennett did not want a costly primary. He brokered a deal.

I would expect the current corrupt of the ruling party in the state would lead to the success of the RON initiatives, 2006 success, and a blue Ohio in 2008, but I also expect the nastiness and the money to continue to try to trump the will of the people who – given the polls – are welcoming change.

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