Those curious enough to peek into my little audio window on the canvassing world might have heard about this, but I wanted to expand.

Apparantly, the shit has been scared out of the Corruptlicans as they are now in full on frontal assault mode as it relates to RON. I’m talking activist insurgencies. 3 prime locations here in Delaware have seen RON signs disappear repeatedly. One location where I replaced a sign today was suspicioiusly close to where a new anti-RON sign had been placed. How odd. Another location driving down Sawmill Parkway saw two RON signs that had been spray painted black. Funny thing was today I noticed two NEW RON signs there [chuckles]. – Dennis I hope that was you 😉

Now look, I have no problem if the republican party is scared shitless, goes out and buys signs at the last minute, and has people put them out…but steal my signs and we got problems. Don’t let me catch your ass or I will blog you into oblivion – and call the cops. Absolutely pathetic.

Oh, in case you missed them: Bastards Pt 1 and Bastards Pt 2

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