Tim at GrowOhio has two good posts (one two) about the math as it relates to Reform Ohio Now.

First is relative to State Issue 3 and money. The contrast is stark:

Ohio First has raised $2.2 million and has a grand total of 170 reported donors towards their effort. That’s an average contribution of $12,941 dollars to Ohio First. Reform Ohio Now’s average contribution? $545 dollars.

Second up relates to State Issue 4. A Dkos poster notes:

  • Number of votes for Republican congressional candidates in Ohio, 2004: 2,650,045
  • Number of votes for Democratic congressional candidates in Ohio, 2004: 2,514,479
  • Percentage of the vote won by the GOP Congressional candidates: 51.1%
  • Percentage of the vote won by the Democratic Party candidates: 48.5%
  • Congressional delegation Breakdown: 12 Republicans – 6 Democrats (67% Republican)

Get it now?

Update: A few more numbers from Tim on Swing State

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