Stumbled upon my local Repub website tonight. I found this quite comical actually:

Don’t undo the Bush Victory last year…
Vote NO on State Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Do they REALLY want to be pushing Bush right about now? Maybe they should have checked this first. Sounds to me as if some DO want to undo the Bush victory [laughs].

They link to a wonderful piece by Richard H. Finan in which he states (among other things):

Does anyone believe that voters are better served by faceless people on boards and commissions?

Dude. I’m voting against RON now…faceless people – yuck!

Or this gem:

The argument, then, is not that the state political systems do not need improvement. The argument is that Issues 2 through 5 are not improvements in either substance or place. They are, at worst, special-interest schemes or, at best, well-intentioned attempts to build a bridge too far.

This dude is a lawyer? Remind me of that name again – Finan – right. Note to self: “Finan, Richard H. Not to represent me in a court of law”. There. Whew! Richard….buddy. You said the system needs improvement, but then claimed RON could be well intentioned bridges too far? How far would you like to go my man? All the way up to just about nowhere? Right…

…I will spare you from the rest. But I will debate Richard anytime anywhere. Bring it.

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