Big Ed will be broadcasting live from Columbus, Ohio at the Plumbers & Pipe Fitters Union # 189. Guests are General Wesley Clark, Major Paul Hackett, and from a PR I got Mayor Mike Coleman. I don’t see Mike on the Schultz site, but maybe he will in fact be there...they added him!

I will try to get down and give some updates…if you can make it love to see you give Ed some support. He’s a fresh voice and deserves our support. If you can’t, you can tune in on 1230AM or try the streaming audio.

…I might even try some mobloggin’ 😉

Update: Not gonna make it, but will try to get some sound clips up soon after the show!

Update 2: Got the audio…some good stuff. Ed is really great to listen to.

MP3 File

Best sound bytes:

“…spread democracy at the business end of an M16”

“I’m not drinking that Kool-Aid, I was there”

“Terrorism is an idea – and you can’t kill an idea just by killing bad guys”

“I don’t have to go to a Powerpoint presentation at the Pentagon to know that”

“Support the troops…brother I AM one of the troops”

“24/7…24 hours a week, 7 months a year” (referring to a Bush speech goof)

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