Folks, this is the final push on State Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5. The opposition has been running ads, spewing inacurrate talking points, and putting up yard signs.

The time is NOW for YOU to get involved. We need help in Delaware County. Please see this post and contact me if you can help!

Tim over at Grow Ohio has a post about new polling that is interesting. We are behind on issues 4 and 5, BUT he says:

The good news on State Issue Four specifically, is that citizens who have “reported hearing or reading about the measure and have an opinion favor it by a 56-44 margin. Education. Education. Education.

We MUST get out and talk to people and the time is NOW! Please don’t wait until November 9th and complain about these issues not passing (any of them). Do something TODAY. This is a call to action. Man your battle stations. Rise up from where you are right now and make a difference.

…and we thank you for your support

Update: Tim gives us an update that is even MORE hopeful as I know we have been out in force in October educating people:

Update [2005-10-27 13:14:13 by Tim Tagaris]: Upon further reading, this poll was conducted over the past month. Polling literally took place during September to produce these numbers. As such, I feel there should be a disclaimer on them that reads “for entertainment purposes only.” This actually makes me more optimisitc, especially when you look at the numbers showing the more educated on State Issue Four people are, the more likely they are to vote for the amendment.

For those wanting to dig deeper, the complete Poll from The Ray C. Bliss Istitute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron is here (pdf format).

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