From the daily archives: Thursday, October 27, 2005

Latest Reform Ohio Now Ad

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Here is the latest Reform Ohio Now ad:

Most people I have seen blog on this agree it is one of the most effective. Put out by a group called Citizens to End Corruption – a group that smartly and hilariously registered “” (Ohio First is the group opposing RON). The ad even looks a bit like the first Ohio First spot.

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I updated the following post with the audio as promised:

Hackett on Air America during Majority Report

I had not posted on this yet because of the audio problems, but I captured Hackett on Air America during Morning Sedition:

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Call it Fitzmas Eve

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Tom Noe indicted in Bush money laundering probe, says the Toledo Blade. (hat tip Kathie)

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Folks, this is the final push on State Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5. The opposition has been running ads, spewing inacurrate talking points, and putting up yard signs.

The time is NOW for YOU to get involved. We need help in Delaware County. Please see this post and contact me if you can help!

Tim over at Grow Ohio has a post about new polling that is interesting. We are behind on issues 4 and 5, BUT he says:

The good news on State Issue Four specifically, is that citizens who have […]

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Harriet Miers: It Never Was

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I have felt for some time that Harriet was not the real nominee, but even nuttier than that is the timing. Bush’s “reluctant acceptance” of her withdrawal comes just before this:

“BREAKING NEWS: Special prosecutor is focusing on whether presidential adviser Karl Rove committed perjury in CIA leak probe, sources tell CNN.”

So the nominee was a plant. She gets ripped by the Neocons, ripped by the libs, and pulled just before the indictments come down. Hmmm.

Well, the wind will not be taken out of the Plamegate story. But the nominee that will be up to bat next you […]

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